The post about Guilin

I learned about Guilin during my job hunt. The job didn’t work out but Guilin was quickly added to my “Place I Must Go to List.” A quick Google image search was all that was needed to win my heart over.

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Roasted Squid vs Grilled Squid (the Lays edition)


So what’s the difference you ask? The first noticeable difference is the Grilled Squid flavor is a wavy chip while the Roasted Squid flavor is not. The squid on the bags is the exact same image but at a different angle. Now what about the flavor? (And I must confess that I enjoy eating good quality squid when I go out for sushi. I have had a craving for squid a numerous times.)

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The post about Teaching.

When I was moving to China my tutor would ask me, “Are you moving to China to teach English or are you moving to China to learn Mandarin?”¬†I would optimistically say, “Both!” But after three months I can now say my focus is on teaching (and finding really cheap and delicious food…).

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Hello from Chuzhou.

Hello from Chuzhou.

When I was moving to China I called it “a new chapter” in my life. It’s really like a whole new book.

And the book is upside down.

And written in Chinese characters.

And sometimes the book is on fire.

And I ask people for help and they just smile and nod.

Or laugh.

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