Lays. Pringles. China.

I’m all about trying new food so I decided to try cucumber flavored Lays. It vaguely tasted like tzatziki.

What flavor should I try next?! Cast your vote! My local Walmart carries:


Green tea

Sea salt cheese

Beef curry

Sea salt and chocolate


Finger licking braised pork

Black pepper rib eye steak Seaweed

Roasted squid

Yogurt flavor

Lemon chicken

Fermented soy bean prawn

Mexican tomato

Italian red meat

Numb and spicy hot pot

Grilled squid


4 thoughts on “Lays. Pringles. China.

  1. Squid flavored Lays. Now that is something I’ve never heard before. Personally I wouldn’t try that as I am not a big fan of seafood. I don’t think I have seen Lays chips in cans before where I like. Not a big fan of tomatoes either. Out of the suggestions listed…maybe try Lemon Chicken or Green Tea flavors next.

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