Sea Salt and Chocolate. Tomato. Mexican Tomato Chicken.

Today I tried three new flavors of Lays: Sea Salt and Chocolate, Tomato, and Mexican Tomato Chicken 

Sea salt and Chocolate: it’s definitely made with cheap chocolate. Like worse than Hershey chocolate. I taste artificial butter too. The best to describe the flavor is “really bad chocolate drizzled popcorn from the 99 cent store.”
Tomato: when you first bite in to it, it vaguely taste like a tomato. It also has a spice that reminds me off BBQ.
Mexican Tomato Chicken: it definitely has a more “salsa like” flavor than its cousin Tomato. I don’t taste any chicken whatsoever. On the package it looks like the use chicken fat or something.

My favorite out of the three is “Tomato” since it reminds me of BBQ chips though I’m not sure if buy them again. (There is also Garden Tomato!)

Next time I’ll answer one of life’s important question: What’s the difference between roasted squid chips and grilled squid chips?


4 thoughts on “Sea Salt and Chocolate. Tomato. Mexican Tomato Chicken.

  1. WRONG! There isn’t a chocolate flavour worse than Hershey. But on the chance that you’re telling the truth – tell your taste buds that I’m thinking of them and that I hope they get better soon.

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