Roasted Squid vs Grilled Squid (the Lays edition)


So what’s the difference you ask? The first noticeable difference is the Grilled Squid flavor is a wavy chip while the Roasted Squid flavor is not. The squid on the bags is the exact same image but at a different angle. Now what about the flavor? (And I must confess that I enjoy eating good quality squid when I go out for sushi. I have had a craving for squid a numerous times.)

They taste completely different! Not even like distant cousins!! The Roasted Squid has a “seafood” flavor with some uninteresting spice. Nothing amazing to my American taste buds. On the other hand, the Grilled Squid has a spicy kick to it and it lingers in your mouth. The “seafood” flavor is really in the background.

Come with me. And you’ll be in a world of pure imagination…

Out of the flavors I’ve tried so far Grilled Squid its the first I actually really enjoyed eating. It’s got a good crispy texture and the spicy punch is fun and somewhat addicting. I plan on getting it again.


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