What are those?


There have been these green and red vegetables drying in the streets of Chuzhou lately.


While walking with my students today I asked what they were. They told me the Chinese word and the English word “carrot.” One of the students said he doesn’t like them.

I posted the pictures on my WeChat and I got a lot of “What’s this?” One person said they were turnips and another said radish. One friend told me in his hometown his mom would make this is deep autumn or winter. He called it Kimichi. So I am guessing this is a regional thing.

I still not sure exactly what these little green and red things are but they are sure fun to look at. It definitely a feeling of “Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in NYC anymore.”

My student bikes around the “carrots”
Dry your clothes and vegetables at the same time!

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