Green Tea Flavor Lays Because China


I like actual green tea. I had it in America and have a whole bag currently in my kitchen. Occasionally I like a Green Tea Latte from Starbucks. I enjoy green tea ice cream and have even tried Green Tea Ice Cream Oreos. They were tasty. I just really don’t like green tea flavor stuff. It’s bitter and my taste buds don’t enjoy it. In my third week of living in China I tried Matcha Pocky. I took a bite and spit it out. It was disgusting. Most green tea flavored food scares me so I am actually terrified of Green Tea Flavor Lays…

I tried it and my taste buds went, “NOOOOOOOOOO.”

I open the can and try to get a smell. Its weak which might be a good sign for my taste buds. I put a whole chip in my mouth. It’s salty like a chip but its also bitter. There is a vague taste of “green tea” in the background. I try about five more chips. My mind is confused. I’m eating a chip yet it taste like bitter green tea. The green tea flavor is only getting stronger… If I had to choose between a bag of Green Tea chips or Grilled Squid I would pick the latter.


I will now be freshening my palate with lemon water. These Lays will be given to my students (along with Tomato and Sea Salt and Chocolate). Hopefully they will enjoy them unlike me with the American taste buds.




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