Next stop: Beijing

On Sunday I am going to Beijing. I guess it feels a little more real now because I finally bought my ticket. (Right now its Friday night in China.)

I really haven’t given this trip much thought as I just got back from five incredible days in Xi’an and these are my last hours in Chuzhou. I do have a Pinterest board and a small list that includes “eat bugs.” This trip also means I need to somehow get all my belongs in about two suitcases for my “big move.” I am trying not to think about the packing but I keep telling myself it shouldn’t be too bad. Cause it won’t be bad, right? I am really in survival/focus mode of “Teach all my online classes. Pack all my stuff. Get to Beijing. Think about the after later.” My plan for my first real day in Beijing is to rest as I am sick with a cold and body aches. I just want to sleep and feel better so I can explore the city.

One thing I do have to look forward to is the company I teach with is based in Beijing and they have organized a meet up for me and some of my students who also live in the city. I am beyond excited to be able to meet my online students in person! It’s such an unique opportunity. I can’t wait to see their little faces light up and to just be able to see them in person! This meeting is also letting me “think forward” instead of dwelling about all the crap that has happened in Chuzhou these past five months. This meet up will be happening on Sunday: I will leave Chuzhou around 7am, take a train to Beijing, arrive in Beijing at 12:18, get picked up at my hostel at 4pm, make the switch to “Teacher Emily,” be super charming, and then crash from exhaustion.

I am looking forward to Beijing and seeing the Great Wall and the Forbidden City. I also found an abandoned European inspired town which I plan to visit. And I know some people in the city that want to meet up so it will be nice to get some human interaction. Plus, I am ready to eat lots of food. I do need to get some practical things done like buy my ticket to Mongolia (which should be harmless) and transfer all my Chinese money to my American bank account (which should be a pain in the ass). (I am not looking forward to it at all. It should be a long and complicated process because China.)

I was never really drawn to visit Beijing. It’s a crowded city and it has horrible pollution. There’s just so many people. But I am curious to see what I can find. I think I am going to like it.




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