Xi’an City Walls

After going to the Great Mosque of Xi’an I recharged at McDonald’s with some “twister fries” and peach blossom ice cream. Yes, McDonald’s has twister fries and peach blossom ice cream. And they are delicious.

I decided to walk to the west part of the wall. I wasn’t sure how to get up to the wall so I wandered and eventually asked a security guard for help. One the way I saw people getting haircuts on the sidewalk which was worth getting lost for.

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

After getting in and paying the 56 yuan I realized how exhausted I was and how huge the wall was. I debated back and forth if I should bike the whole thing. I just learned how to ride a bike this summer and haven’t since so I was a little nervous. Plus, I didn’t want everyone laughing at the foreigner. My indecisive self finally made a decision and I marched to the bike place only to learn you need a 200 yuan deposit for the 45 yuan rental bike. I had like maybe 225 so no bike for me. I was walking this thing.


And I walked. And it was huge. It seemed bigger than the Nanjing City Wall. And I tried to enjoy myself but I was tried and getting sick and why is this wall so huge? I wanted to get off but that meant more walking. I did see a Buddhist Temple from the wall which was very nice but the Xi’an City Wall was not my favorite thing about this trip. I probably would of liked it more if I wasn’t sick or I got to ride a bicycle with a friend. Oddly enough I really like the photos I took. I may like them more than the experience of walking the wall.





So friends, don’t be like me. If you go to the Xi’an City Wall, bike it, and make sure to bring enough for the rental and the 200 yuan deposit. Hopefully, you have a better time than sick and walking me.

My favorite photo



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