A Warm Welcome to Beijing

“Yesterday I had a practically perfect first day in Beijing!
I have been teaching online and the company is based in Beijing so I taught an in person class with only seven lovely students.
After one of my favorite regular students and his parents showed me around Beijing and took me to dinner. I tried delicious Chinese food, the local soda, and even chicken feet.
My student’s English level is extremely high (better than lots of adults!!) and he is the best and youngest translator and tour guide around! I’m so happy I had such an unique opportunity to meet him.”

I am so happy that they drove me around even though I was exhausted because I never really got another opportunity to see them.

Flowers from the company. I love peonies!
As a solo traveler I rarely get full body shots but my student took one for me!
The translation is something like “Tiny and Shiny Tower”


The National Theater
Beijing’s local soda
Chicken feet. I didn’t like the sauce but my student LOVED them.

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