Snack Street

After a twelve hour journey I was exhausted. It felt like I had used almost every mode of transportation to get to Xi’an. I collasped on the hostel bed and just wanted to sleep but I was very hungry. I went to the street with that philosophy of “Try everything and go wait in all the long lines.”
My senses were alive: the neon signs in Mandarin and occasional Arabic, the techno music blasting (any place that sold meat played really loud techno music as I guess it makes the meat taste better), the smells of spices snd smoke in the air, the maze of alleyways full of people walking and the occasional motorbike. I felt a sense of home in all the chaos. It was like a dream come true; a street full of food and I was going to eat all of it.

The First Night

The first thing that caught my eye was pomegranate juice. At is was just as glorious at you would imagine. And I pretty much ate everything in sight. I will let the pictures do the talking.

I walked in to a restaurant and basically said, “I’ll have what she’s having.”
Sticky and sweet rice cakes that are served warm.
These guys are everywhere.



I wanted to try “meat on a stick” somewhere so I tried to find the most crowded place. I found one towards the end of the street. This guy knew what he was doing. After eating the spicy meat I got a fried banana. I recommend this combo.





I tried another place and it wasn’t as good.
I ended up seeing this.


The Second Night


The second night I went with someone through Couchsurfing. I would asked for the names of food and he didn’t know what to say. There really isn’t an English word for a lot of it but I would of been happy with Chinese. He really didn’t say anything so I had fun guessing the flavors and ingredients. I got to try some new things with him as my guide. But I made sure we went to my favorite meat guy. Because it was that good.


The local soda. Delicious.






I was told “tomato” but I later discovered they were persimmons.



The Third Night

I went back to my favorite meat guy and ordered, of course meat, and the cold noodles. I also took some pictures on my iPhone of the pomegranate juice for a friend. I must admit this was the night I got heartburn but it was my own doing. I ate a lot of spicy meat and not a lot of anything else. So my advice: eat a crap load of different things. It’s best for your stomach!







This Snack Street was probably the highlight of my trip and I might of liked it more than the Terracotta Warriors!




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