Day 1

I arrived in Xi’an after a long journey and got terrible lost when I got there. Something was very off about my data but I made it. I enjoyed the night by eating a ton a snacks and drinking a ton of pomegranate juice. It was a warm welcome.

Day 2

I saw the Terracotta Warriors which is really a whole day thing. I did have a later start but it quite the journey. I ended my day with more delicious snacks.

The Warriors

Day 3

This was my day of rest. After a full day I needed to recharge. In the evening I taught my online classes and after I got more snacks. Because snacks.

Day 4

I saw both the Great Mosque of Xi’an and the Xi’an City Walls. This is when I knew I was starting to get sick. By the end of the night I didn’t want to eat any snacks. All I wanted to do was rest.

Day 5

The airport is very far from the center area of Xi’an and there is really no way to get there by public transportation. I booked a private car with my hostel since I had an early morning flight.

What I learned

Listen to myself

I am glad I gave myself a “day of rest” cause it made my journey better and gave me the energy for the next day. On my last night when I didn’t want to eat snacks (I DIDN’T WANT TO EAT?! WHAT?!) I knew I was sick and went back to bed. I really wanted to take a picture of the Drum Tower but I was exhausted and told myself, “There are pictures online. You will be fine.” I am glad I listened to myself.

Slow travel

This trip felt so rushed and I think I pushed myself a little too much which is a reason I think I got so sick. I am really happy with my decision to “slow travel.” It’s right for me. In my short time in Xi’an I daydreamed about living in the alleyways. I wish I could spend more time there. Plus, I had my own room most of the nights and this made my experience so much better. Since I slow travel I can do this too. I am happier.

Nothing sucks more than being sick in a shared dorm in a hostel

Seriously. Its the worse.



2 thoughts on “Xi’an

    1. Thankfully I finally recovered!! How long do you usually stay at a place? I am still trying to figure that out! I have a place booked in Hanoi for a month and hoping that will be “ok.” haha 😀

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