The Great Wall of China

I asked around about which part of the Great Wall I should visit. I wasn’t picky but was more concerned about how to get there. I picked the easiest way which happened to be the most restored part of the wall, Badaling.

Like most adventures in China half the adventure was getting there. The train was sold out for over three hours so I decided to take a bus. I got to the bus station and it took what felt like forever to find the bus. I asked in my horrible Chinese for help. Somehow I ended up having to do a lot of walking around an intersection but I made it. A kind old man pointed the way while I walking because seeing some white woman walking around with a camera on her neck clearly shouts TOURIST. I managed to get the front seat on the bus so I enjoyed the ride while eating some corn on the cob.

My first reaction to seeing a part of the wall was, “I am getting cheesecake after this. I deserve it.” It was that intense.

My mom went to the Wall in the late eighties so she kept telling me how I would be exhausted but how it would be so worth it. Well, she was right. It was insane. It’s not really a “wall.” The drops and stairs were just mind boggling. Too top it all off it was freezing and super windy. So windy I was concerned a small child could get blown off and die. I almost lost a glove thanks to the damn wind.

I saw these stairs and thought, “What did I get myself in to?”



The Great Wall selfie




Walking down was so better than walking up. Part of it was the feeling accomplishment and you could also really enjoy the view.




There is a tram to get down but when I saw the sign for “sliding car” I was curious what it was. When I saw it I knew it was the way I’d be going down. It was way too much fun.



(He who doesn’t reach the Great Wall is not a true man.)
I’m a true man now.

She who climbs the Great Wall gets cheesecake.

The Great Wall of China is something you have to do when you are in Beijing. And its something you have to do just once. It really just is a great wall. That happens to be in China. If I came with family or a friend I would go with them but I would never go back on my own. You can camp on the Wall which is something I would be interested in though.

Have you ever been to the Great Wall of China? Which section did you visit? Have you ever camped on the Great Wall? If you haven’t been, would you like to experience it?


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