Ice Skating at Shichahai

Through a pin on Pinterest I learned about a fun place to ice skate in Beijing at Shichahai. I had it on my list but I never really focused on my list during my time there. I was walking around and taking photos and realized the place was near by so I decided to go.

I mimed the ice vehicle I wanted and got a card. I was beyond excited. There was just excitement in the air. I got on the ice and got my super cool ice vehicle. And I started to go. I checked my wallet to make sure it was still with me. All good. Ten seconds later I double checked again. It was gone.

A lady who spoke English thankfully helped me and told security about my wallet. But it was gone. There was nothing I could do. I exchanged Wechat information with her and a worker. I just stood in shock for a while. Thankfully, my passport and debit card were in my room. Plus, there wasn’t a lot of cash in my wallet. If there was a time to lose my wallet this was the best time.

Eventually the worker gave me one of the ice vehicles almost saying, “White girl, go skate.” And so I went. It was my last day in Beijing and I was going to enjoy it. And I did.







I’m pretty sure this is a vehicle on Mario Kart.



Have you ever had your wallet lost or stolen while traveling? What did you do? And on a lighter note, have you ever used an ice vehicle before?


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