How to buy a ticket from Beijing to Ulaanbaartar

I’ve seen a few posts online about people’s experiences of getting a train ticket to Beijing to Ulaanbaartar. I thought I would share mine as it was completly easy and painless!

For various reasons I wanted to take a train from Beijing to Ulaanbaartar. But how would I get a ticket? Like a good modern American I turned to Google.

I’ve used for trains in China so I looked at their site. They had the dates and times for various trains that would leave to Ulaanbaartar. I was all good. Well, I later learned that their site was completely wrong! It hadn’t be updated (and still hasn’t been updated)! I had to extend my visit in Beijing and rebook my hostel room. I wrote in the comment section and one of the worker’s responses said I should buy a ticket with them quickly as this was a popular time! You don’t have to genius to know no one is heading to Mongolia in February. I decided to look at other site.

I checked out China International Travel Service Limited (CITS) as I remember some blogger used them. I emailed them and they gave me a prompt response. They couldn’t book me a ticket due to the Lunar New Year but there would be lots of tickets for this trip. I would just need to come in person and make sure to bring cash.

The CITS office is located in the Beijing International Hotel which you can reach by the metro line. Enter the lobby and take a left. You can’t miss their office.


I filled out the piece of paper, gave them my money, and I got a ticket. It really was that easy. I was actually shocked by how easy it was. I did come during their lunch break but it worked out cause I needed to grab some lunch too!


If you plan on going during peak season you will probably have a different experience and need to book early but I had a great and simple experience with CIST.

Have you ever booked a ticket with CITS? Do you have any desire to take a train from Beijing to Ulaanbaartar someday?




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