A Good Lil Mongolian Adventure

I was chatting with my brother and he said, “Well, so much for staying there. Good lil adventure tho.” And my time in Mongolia was a good little adventure.

On the train somewhere in southern Mongolia: Boys playing basketball.

I came to Mongolia in search of an epic adventure that would last till the beginning of April. Things didn’t go as planned and I stayed for about two and a half week.

I arrived to Ulaanbaartar by train from Beijing which is a pretty epic arrival. I explore Ulaanbaartar the best way possible: with a local in a car.

I really enjoyed my time at Winter Palace of the Bogd Khan as I had the whole place to myself and there was so much beauty to capture. I had to pay a fee to take photos but it was worth it. As I was on the way to airport I saw it one last time and I smiled appeared on my face.

After a long bus journey I arrived in Moron and learned I had to leave. I had another week back in Ulaanbaartar. My favorite thing to do in a city is just wander around and explore and take photos but because of the temperature it’s just not possible. So I have been enjoying my time in coffee shops while listening to Taylor Swift, eating Cinnabon and chicken curry noodles, buying souvenirs and postcards, and teaching my online classes in the evening.

In Ulaanbaartar… the closest I will get to a camel for the time being.

I believe that if you have a desire to return to a place you visited then you had a good trip. And I do hope I can return to Mongolia someday. I would love to see the Camel Festival someday and watch the Naadam festival and go all around Mongolia in the summer. I really love Ulaanbaartar and would love to come visit in warmer weather so I could explore the place without worrying about freezing to death. In the back of my mind I was always worried I was spending too much time in Mongolia. Honestly I am happy it didn’t work out as I now feel I have more than enough time to do what I want before I go back to the states this summer.

I got some great affordable artwork that I can’t wait to frame someday!

As I was on the plane leaving Mongolia and I looked down at the endless snowed covered land and just admired the beauty. Mongolia will hold a special place in my heart.

Have you ever been to Mongolia? How was your experience? If you haven’t gone, is Mongolia a country you would like to visit someday? Why?


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