Ulaanbaartar to Seoul and Seoul to Chiang Mai

I have no fear of flying whatsoever. The whole getting to the airport and waiting in lines bothers me more than the actual being in a plane part. Being on a plane means I am going somewhere with good food so I deal with it.

Being from the west coast of the USA and spending the last few years on the east I have done my fair share of plane rides back and forth. When I went to China I had a long plane ride from Los Angeles to Nanjing but managed to sleep most of the way.

Ready for take off in Ulaanbaartar

Transportation across borders always gives you a small glimpse of a country before you step on the soil. Going from Ulaanbaartar to Seoul the airplane had both stewardesses from Mongolia and Korea but it was easy to spot who was from where. The Koreans looked just too perfect. And not in the “I had plastic surgery” way.

I have never seen buns so perfect. Not a hair was out of place. Their make up was perfect too. The bright lipstick was done just right. They also had these things in their hair that defied gravity and their little neck ties did the same thing too. While getting up to the bathroom a flight attendant thought she touched me. She apologized like she killed my mother or something. I later learn this is common in Korea as my friend did it too when I tripped on a stair do to me being distracted.

I have found that Asian airlines give you a meal even if you have a flight that is only three hours long! This just proves that American airlines are horrible and want us to be miserable.

After receiving my meal of noodles with beef, vegetables, bread with butter, and even an individually wrapped slice of pineapple, the flight attendant asked, “Would you like some wine with your meal?” I realized that it was free. I replied, “Yes, please.”

Now this might seem like nothing to get excited about but I have been craving wine for some time now. I really want to just sit at a bar and drink a glass of wine but this isn’t possible with my online teaching schedule. Its probably the fact that I can’t have it is why I want it. When I was offered free wine I was utterly delighted. I was enjoying my meal with wine when they came back and asked if I wanted more. Of course I said yes.


The rest of the flight was excellent. I have never seen the Star Wars movies, yah I am a few years late, so I started watching The Empire Strikes back. I managed to get to the part where Yoda pulls the aircraft out of the swamp just as the plane landed. It was perfect timing. I jumped in my seat and the guy next to me was very concerned. I just laughed.

“Let’s take a selfie with wine.”

The flight from Seoul to Chiang Mai was longer but I had no worries as I knew I would be enjoying movies with free wine. Well, not only did I get free wine THEY ALSO GAVE ME ICE CREAM!! (Strawberry Cheesecake flavor in case you are interested.)

Korea Air is basically like the best friend you want. They give you wine and ice cream and let you watch movies and make sure you are happy. I managed to watch A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and I have twenty minutes left of Return of the Jedi and seriously have no idea what will happen. And no one sat next to me so I got to stretch my legs.

Essentially Korea Air wins. I will be flying with them again if I ever have the opportunity.

What airline is your favorite? What makes a good experience while flying?


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