Planning to Travel and Travel Planning

I planning on going back to the states this summer and stay for a while. I am not giving up traveling, I am just going to be doing it differently. I am more than a traveler and there are things I miss on the road and I can get them and do them in NYC. I do want to move abroad again someday but since I got burned pretty bad in China I want to wait a while before making another big move.

Oh China.

But for the time being I am still on the road. It’s the beginning of March and I plan on arriving in NYC the beginning of July.

At the end of the month I plan on taking a little time of work to explore Laos. I finally mapped out the cities I will be visiting. I googled “Laos north to south” and managed to find someone who did the journey and used his itinerary as a guide. Also, thanks to Google and Pinterest I managed to learn about various activities like take a hot air balloon in Vang Vieng, help young adults practice English in Luang Prabang, and learn all about coffee in Paksong. It’s going to be a great and it will be so nice to not worry about stable internet connection for a couple days!

In case you don’t know where Laos is here is a map.

I’ve been really wanting to go to Morocco and planned on going in June. Meanwhile, I have been really enjoying Chiang Mai and I have already been thinking about when will I return. I told myself, “Well, you could come back in June you know.” Yah, Morocco would be great but its just a little out of the way. I could technically afford to go to Morocco but I could save a lot of money staying in area. I mean, Morocco really is out of the way. Like across the world.

My plan now is to leave for Laos on the 24th and manage to be in Hanoi, Vietnam on April 7th as I am renting an apartment there for a month there. I can still work my job and manage to take a trip to the Sapas and Halong Bay. Plus, I really want to explore Hanoi and learn about Vietnamese culture and life. And of coarse try Vietnamese food. After I plan to make my way down Vietnam, stop in a few cities, and then get to Bangkok. I might even spend a few days in Cambodia. I mean, who doesn’t want to see Angkor Wat?

Just look at it.

After that is a mystery. I don’t know where I will be for the month of June. My contract ends the last day of May so I hope I can renew it in mid June. Then I could I have a little time off to travel (and not worry about the internet!). I would love to come back to Chiang Mai for my birthday and go visit an elephant shelter.

I have been playing around with visiting Nepal but then a friend suggested Burma as they heard good things. I asked a Chinese friend who has travelled around Southeast Asia and he highly recommended it (over Nepal). The plane ticket to Burma is significantly cheaper than Nepal. So who knows where I am will turn up. I have even been looking at Skyscanner’s “everywhere” option seeing all the possibilities.

It’s funny cause I use to be such a planner but travel and living in Asia has made me much more relaxed. Everything will take care of itself. And I am still making money, so hey!

“Insert cheesy travel quote here.”

Any recommendations where I should go in June? How do you plan when you travel?





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