Hello from Hanoi

I am currently in Hanoi, Vietnam.

The last time I posted was a month ago in Chiang Mai, Thailand. In between I visited Pai, went to Laos for two weeks, and now have been in Hanoi for two weeks. The plan was to stay in Hanoi for a month but I am so happy here so I am extending my time.

Life in Pai

Its been nice not blogging. I realized it was stressing me out. It’s a lot of work uploading pictures and writing post especially with crappy internet! I do want to post some of the highlights of the last month as they are just too beautiful not to share. They included of coarse another temple in Thailand, an incredible cave in Pai, and the beautiful scenery of Laos that is simply unreal.

Life in Laos

So this post is to basically say I am alive and went to some amazing place and will eventually post about them. Or maybe I won’t. Who knows. I am trying to make my life less stressful and I realized not blogging helps. I still want to document my journey so I am working on finding the balance.

Life in Hanoi

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