Vang Vieng

Vang Vieng was what I wanted my Laos experience to be- chill vibes and beautiful scenery. I liked it so much I ended up extending a night. I could have easily spent more time there and been happy.


I stayed at the Keosimoon Guesthouse. It was aways from the main strip but is what I prefer. I got a cute little bungalow with my own bathroom for a good deal and they gave me coffee and bananas in the morning. I got to drink my coffee to the photo above. Talk about a dream view!


I booked a half day tour for a good deal. I got to do a lot- tubing down a dark cave, eat some decent food, kayak on the river, see people zipline, and go to Blue Lagoon.


There is a popular TV show in Korea that takes places in Laos so there is a ton of Korean tourists thre. I have decided they are my favorite tourist. I made friends with a bunch of them in my tour group.








The photo above was the view for zip lining. I have a fear of heights and didn’t do it but it was super entertaining to watch. My Korean friends did it while holding their GoPros on a selfie stick which was a hilarious sight to see.

At Blue Lagoon I managed to jump of the tree thanks to the support of my new Korean family and friends. They even recorded a video for me!


The great thing about this tour to me was that is was relaxed. I had down time to just sip some Coke and take in everything. I don’t like jam packed tours. It was a great and warm welcome to Vang Vieng.



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